The Making of the Pole Dance Flip-Books

First, a quick word from my present self to my former self, who initially imagined a 3-month time-line from start and finish for this project….


 You've got to be kidding!

You've got to be kidding!
what were you thinking??


You've got to be kidding!

Here is what happened…


2012-13 The First 2 Years of the Project

First there was a video and photo-shoot with my friend Konrad in March of 2012. This took place at my old loft in Oakland at the Cotton Mill Studios. There was nothing rehearsed or planned, leaving room for the magic of process and improvisation.

We set up a white back-drop (that part was planned) and put on one of my sexy playlists that I was using for my classes. Konrad brought his nice lighting and stands for the backdrop. We used my Fuji HD video camera and my iPhone 3.

"The Birthing of a Project." Post shoot 3/12/12

Post video shoot 3/12/12 tearing down the backdrop.



An Idea

So now I must backtrack a little… A long time ago in a one bedroom apartment in Downtown Oakland, back in 2006, I wrote a 29 page business plan for my exotic & pole dance instruction business, Slinky Productions. While it had been running for nearly 6 years, I needed a biz plan. My plan included several branded products including a completely original pole dance flip-book that was also meant to be instructional.  At this time, pole dancing had yet to become mainstream so this felt cutting edge.



SpringBoard 2012

In January 2012, just 4 months after my mom passed away, besides being grief stricken, I was profoundly focused on my mortality in a way that happens when you lose the original cord to your life.  I knew I needed to begin one of my important personal projects, before it was too late. I joined SpringBoard, a 3 month program  for artists, writers, musicians and other creative entrepreneurs who desire more accountability, community advice and support to initiate big things.

In the time frame of the course, i was able to complete the prototype for my book along with a little raw promo video. I used stills from this video below to create Pole Dance Flip-Book #1.

Video Clip Footage for Flip- Book #1



The IndieGogo Campaign

July 2012, I published my first crowdfunded campaign to support the project. It felt like a HUGE stretch back then, asking other people to help me. Here is the first video request.

Help Catherine Get Pole Dance Flip Books to the Printers

1st IndieGogo Fundraiser Video

The IndieGogo Campaign was a success. Except for not having a clue how much time and resources it would actually take.


ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ


Random thoughts on the chaotic creative process of crowdfunding for the first time.

…………………Pole Dance Flip Book Campaign Countdown……………………….

August 2012, a month later. I was deep in process with the campaign as well as my training at NLP Marin.

Aug 26 2012
$2456 was made on IndieGogo. After fees this is over $2137ish. This will pay for the printer costs for 4 books! All other moneys will go towards office supplies (inks, coffee, paper, perk costs etc) and all moneys after that go towards the Book Launch Party!       // Little did I know back what the actual costs entailed. //

Aug 24 2012
WE DID IT! $2334 raised by Aug 23rd. Feeling really grateful for all the support, both emotionally and financially for this project. Lots of friends are off to Burning Man this weekend and next week. I will  enjoy the great indoors, less FaceCracking, and get some of the actual work done!

Aug 20 2012
Just 5 days left. Completed my Advanced NLP Weekend yesterday. This week I will focus on completing this campaign. What a great month for completion. September, one of my favorite months, will be all about FINISHING THE BOOKS!

Aug 16 2012
Need $444 and I will reach my goal of $2300! Hard to believe that we are so close. Will start working on the books again this Monday!

Aug 14 2012
$1700, just $600 left! Wahoosy!

Aug 13 2012
I have reached $1600-YES! ★ Just $700 left!

Aug 10 2012
Today was spent practicing and studying for my test in NLP coming up. Got a few emails of support for this project. This helps to keep me going. This weekend I will spend some time on book #2 mock-up and deal with the brown vignette that prints a muddy purple. Graphic designer advice mush appreciated. I could use to see a CMYK chart right about now to simply choose the correct one.

The brown looks fine on screen but prints terribly 🙁

Aug 9 2012
We have reached $1500! ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫ 17 days left!
Decided to not stress too much to finish everything so I can focus on preparing for the Marin NLP certification test I am taking Aug 18th. So looks like I will get books to printer late August or beginning of September. The first two books. Then I get to start the next two I have footage for lots ore but I am going to shoot my partner Heath, on the pole as he is quite a fantastic athlete. Male pole dance flip book- look out!

Aug 8 2012
We have raised $1350!
Less than $1K left to fulfill IndieGogo campaign. We actually raised $1650 because 3 x $100 donors made off-line donations. ♥ Super excited! Now to get in some fun grunt work on the books. I have been so occupied with this campaign that I am a little behind on the actual book. Guess what I am doing this weekend :)

Aug 7 2012
18 days left and I am excited that I have passed the half-way mark! Am catching up on sending email thank you’s to all of my amazing contributors. Yesterday I received a generous donation from my first love! Yep! The one whose smell followed me around for much of my life. The musician. Love the internet for making these * ♥ ˚ time travel re-connections* ♥ ˚ possible.

Aug 6 2012
There are 19 days left in the IndieGogo Fundraising Campaign. And I am starting to feel the pressure! Today I am going to print out a mock-up of book #1. Last month I get a free used fancy photo printer and fed it lots of $$ new inks. Just in time as my fancy printer had just died. Check out this sexy little video clip I put together when I was researching video editing software.




The Project on FaceBook

First there was the Facebook Campaign Celebration Page after it formally ended. The official FaceBook Page for Slinky Press didn’t come until January 2014.



Planning the Book Launch, a Tad Premature

The actual book launch did not take place until June 2015! At this time, I had started blogging on my original first blog The structure is not very linear, but I got my story out. I am a self-taught blogger and have much to learn.





Postponed ★ Take 2! @ Slinky Loft 7/18 ★

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This Friday: Pole Dance Flip-Books @ FLOAT GALLERY, Oakland June 12th

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✪ Please Join Our Book Launch Party Volunteer Team ✪

Please join my awesome volunteer team. This is a FREE event and I need some help and support to make this happen. I will provide a healthy, yet somewhat decadent meal for all of our volunteers. You do not need to make a big commitment to make a huge contribution CLICK HERE for VOLUNTEER FORM     […]

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69 Tickets Available for Book Launch Party: Get Yours Now!

☻♥☻ /█\/█\ Get Your Tickets Here    

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Stunning & Intimate Location for the Book Launch Party!

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Choosing a size for my books


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