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Brass Tax 2012, Oakland CA

Brass Tax 2012, Oakland CA

Catherine Rose

Catherine Rose, originally from Montreal, Canada, is a forever recovering art-school junkie who studied the art and craft of handmade books while supporting herself as an exotic dancer in San Francisco’s Gentlemen clubs.

Rose received a Fine Arts Degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco CA in 1997 after winning a scholarship from San Francisco City College. Before that she studied at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver BC and Concordia University in Montreal.

At the time, she kept her work life very private from her art, except for the Slinky Cash project, which quietly addressed the sexual connections between money and value.

 Why pole dance flip books?

The pole dance flip books was a project I envisioned in about 2003, just a few years after I started a business teaching exotic dance to women who wanted to feel more alive and sexy in their bodies. (See Slinky Productions, ) I thought this could be the perfect intersection where dance meets crafts. I wanted to capture my love of erotic movement with my passion for handmade books and integrate the exotic dance experience with my deeper identity as a visual artist, craftswoman.

Sipping green juice in Casa De La Madres SF

Sipping green juice in Casa De La Madres SF

In January of 2012, I joined Springboard Workshops, a 3-month program for Artists, DeeJays, Writers and Musicians,. The goal was to launch a creative project. that might have been on the back burner. I had a handful of what I thought were brilliant ideas, but I wanted something I could complete in three months.

I learnt early on that three months was just barely enough time for the first prototype to complete. I then gave myself six more to complete the books. It actually took a year and six months to get proof #1 to the printers. It took two whole years from start to finish. Or so I thought. It took three years, two printers later to complete the project with the quality I wanted.

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about my fun adventure making mistakes and learning.

Messy hair day 2016

Messy hair day 2016

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