Team & Patrons


If you made a $50 donation or more, and you did not receive your book(s) please let me know. The fulfillment process is not complete. Please fill this out.I will do my best to get yours in the mail ASAP.

✰Slinky Press VIP Patrons

I want to thank the following people for their generous help in launching my first ever community funded book project!  Without these people believing in me, this project may have never happened.

✰ Seth Gano
✰ Jim Herriot
✰ Michel Heroux
✰ Heath Chiavettone
✰ Karl Banks>
✰ Robie L.
✰ The late Michelle Newmark
✰ Shelley L.
✰ V.S.
✰ S.N.
✰ K.W.
✰ Gene B.

Anonymous patrons-thank you ♥
Note: we received many other generous donations from a number of people not listed here.

~IndieGogo Fundraiser August 2012


My Team

Inspirational Angels, Creative Decision Helpers and Gracious Grunt Workers

  • Heath Chiavettone: Copy Editor, Main Production Assistant,Campaign Assistant
  • Karl Banks:  Advisor, Copy Editor, Cheerleader, Campaign Assistant
  • Konrad K.: Videographer, Production Assistant

These folks also helped me in smaller yet significant ways

  • Donna Davis, Lila Rose, Rebecca Holtzman

I want to thank everyone who was with me for the January through March 2012, East Bay SpringBoard Class for helping and supporting me in all the ways that you did. Thank you Alexander Warnow.

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